About Coral Creative

Hi! I'm Marisa Kambour.
For nearly 20 years, I've enjoyed building brands and relationships with some incredible partners. I'd love to help you present your brand with the confidence and style it deserves.

I use a strategic and collaborative process, working closely to ask the right questions in order to deliver vibrant design solutions tailored to your business. How do I know how to do this? I spent over 12 years at Hasbro leading creative on brands including My Little Pony, Baby Alive, Littlest Pet Shop, and Play-Doh. Next I moved on to tackle an in-house brand redesign and launch at UNFI (United Natural Foods), a Fortune 500 pioneer in distribution for the natural & organic food industry. More recently I've been partnering with clients including corporations, startups, and non-profits in the consumer products, food, health & beauty, and education industries.

Let's get started together on elevating your brand.

Why coral?

As a material coral is strong. As a color it is bright and vibrant.
I love words that are simple and familiar but have more than one meaning. Coral (the animal) represents some of the values I have for my business, including collaboration, balance, and personal growth. Think about the beautiful idea of tiny creatures working together to form something larger (a brightly colored reef, a hub of biodiversity). Its home, the ocean, suggests calm and serenity, or a sense of balance. And who doesn't love a pop of color? Coral is bold, living in that perfect intersection of pink, red, and orange.

I love my clients

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